About chewmumma

It's funny how life changes... in August 2017 when I had our dear little Lachlan, I couldn't imagine how upside down life would become. And as for starting a small home business, well that was the furthest thing from my mind. Sleep was more important than anything else!
Fast forward to 2018 and life with Lachlan has somehow taken me on a journey of Mumpreneur I could never have seen coming.
Although I enjoyed being away from the corporate world to look after our darling son for his first 12 months of life, the creative side in me yearned to do something that would give me something to talk about with my peers, family and other mummy's that didn't involve poopy nappies and reflux.
Our baby loved to chew... EVERYTHING! And when he got six pearly whites at once, I took it as a sign. So, it was that insatiable appetite to mouth everything and my need for a creative output that brought our two needs together and chewmumma was born.
All the designs are lovingly created by Lachlan and I - we hope you find something you love.

Alison xx

chewmumma and Lachlan (aged 2.5 weeks)